Author Topic: Hugh Pottow (1702-1782) marries for a third time, it seems  (Read 36 times)

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Hugh Pottow (1702-1782) marries for a third time, it seems
« on: August 05, 2021, 03:39:45 am »

Here's an entry I found on Ancestry, looking for Hugh Pottow, but it's written Potter. He is 'of Cherhill'.  It has to one of our Pottows. There were no Potters in Cherhill.
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Note the registrar is none other than J Bowman, who I think had a fixation that all Pottows are Potters! There are several entries where he obviously got this wrong Ha! ha!   This marriage was in Calne, two miles away from Cherhill.

There seems to be a lot of POTTERS in West Lavington, but I've been unable to find any entries there for Pottow.

My bet is that this Hugh is our older Hugh (1702-1782), who married Mary Caswell, and Mary Hale (or Hill) The latter's last child birth was 1730. Maybe she passed away too, and he was lonely at 53 years old?

Note the witness John Hale, was he related to Hugh's 2nd wife, Mary Hale. He supposedly married her jun 8 1720 in Chehill, but doing a search on Ancestry and, I can no longer find this marriage.

Anyhow, I've added this marriage of Hugh (the elder) and Ann Mills to my tree.

Mike Caswell

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