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Title: A history of Rowde
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For the years 1698 to 1704 the parish register gives details of occupations. (fn. 3) It is interesting that less than half the men who are mentioned during this period were engaged in agriculture. Among the trades mentioned were those of clothier, weaver, worsted comber, scribbler, wool-jobber, fellmonger (dealer in sheep skins), glover, cork-maker, and cork-cutter. There is earlier evidence of the cloth industry at Rowde. In 1622 it was one of the parishes which petitioned the Quarter Sessions for assistance against the prevailing slump in that industry. 

Among clothiers associated with Rowde were Amos Hope (fl. 1597),  Eleazar Webb (d. 1647), (fn. 6) George Andrews (fl. 1648), Edgar Webb (162574),  Samuel Webb (16351707), and Samuel Webb, jr. (16621739). James Parsons (fl. 1712) was a drugget maker. (coarse cloth used especially as floor-covering.)