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Coroners Reports North Wiltshire
« on: December 11, 2020, 11:35:24 am »
29July1770. LeighinAshtonKeynes. GeorgeFlowers:tookalarge quantity of yellow arsenic or (vel) orpiment, knowing it to be a deadly poison, mixed it with small beer and drank it, languished for 6 hours, and then died; felo de se. 25 miles. 1 18s. 9d. lcorrectedfrom 1 19s.]

25 Oct. 1770. Beanacre. William Flower: on 22 Oct. cut his throat, languished for 25 hours, and then died; lunacy. 8miles. 16s.

30 May1771. West Lavington. Philip Flower:on 28 May fell from his horse and received a concussion and fracture on his head of which he languished a few hours and died. 5miles. 13s.9d.

1208 10 Aug. 1780. Trowbridge. William Flower, an infant aged under 16: hanged himself. 10 miles. 1 7s. 6d.

11Dec.1771. Durnford. Stephen Flower:fell from a foot-bridge into a river and was drowned. 6miles. 14s.6d.

17 Oct. 1768. Steeple Ashton. Samuel Flower: drowned in a pond in a field called Littleton Wood; accidental death. 9miles. 16s.9d.

28 Sept. 1769. Cherhill. Edmund Flower: riding along the Marlborough to Overton road somewhat in liquor, he fell from his horse which ran over him and bruised him in such a manner that he died of the bruises. 7 miles. 15s.3d.

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